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10 Misconceptions Your Boss Has About islamic fashion

A recently held exhibition at San Francisco highlighted the fact that a head covering can be bright yellow head rape or a loose drape of rose, the recent collection of black silk and lace scarf by Dolce and Gabbana added a great charm to Islamic ladies fashion and beauty. The de Young museum of San Francisco exhibited large scale collections of Islamic fashion and recent modest dress codes for 2018.

It is hoped that the exhibition will provide a positive review and comment about the sections of women who are basically considered as a backward section. It will help the Islamic ladies to speak and present in modest yet stylish way. Muslim fashion now has become the fashion trend for women of western countries as well. The Muslimah fashion is a $44 billion industry as more and more western fashion houses are adopting the modest stylish fashion chic designed by the Islamic fashion designers.

Most of the Muslim community's women want to dress modestly in public, but many Islamic ladies, particularly the younger generation wish to look fashionable as well. And this resulted entrance of the modest fashionable islamic fashion clothing style in the Muslimah fashion industry. Designers are constantly engaged in designing the modest wears to meet the growing needs of the Islamic women. Dolce & Gabbana has recently released a horde of hijabs and abayas along with a multitude of brands including DKNY. The Islamic women have got a great passion for hijab fashion . The hijabs have gone through a massive change in its pattern, fabric, colour and style in the past few years. At the present age, hijabs which were once considered as an object of oppression now have become a fashion item and a choice for millions of women worldwide.

If you are a bridesmaid think yourself as one of the most necessary part in the wedding. Whether the bride needs a shoulder to rely on for comfort or console or there is a need for a multitasking person or the bride needs anyone to share her nervousness about the wedding or an organizer is needed to arrange a big wedding party, consider yourself the one who needs to take care of everything that are listed above. It doesn't matter if you are going to have this honor to be a bridesmaid for the first time or it is just one of many times that you have been honored with this role, it is so natural to be nervous about all the duties associate with this particular role.

But do not be tensed at all. Today we got you covered with all the tips and tricks for you to do your duties perfectly yet gracefully.

Offer the bride your helping hand in every occasion because you are the volunteer of the wedding. Help the bride in doing her pre wedding chores in order to be her best bridesmaid.

Prepare for the Bridesmaid dress, shoes, jewelry and other accessories needed for the wedding ceremony as early as possible. Trial the dress and the shoes as early as possible before the wedding day, to be comfortable about your appearance at the wedding day.

Help in planning, cohosting for the bachelorette party and bridal shower to surprise the bride in every possible ways. Try to be good enough to share the cost of these parties with your fellow bridesmaids.

Try to keep the records of the gifts and list them properly if the maid of honor is not in charge of this duty; so the bride or the couple can thank them with the thank you notes after wedding.

You must attend all the rehearsals of the wedding ceremony and wedding dinner. It is an important duty of yours. Also you should try your best to attend all the pre wedding ceremonies and be with the bride as much longer as possible.

Emerge as the last minute task checker and check for all the errors. On wedding day double check all the wedding arrangements, confirm if the wedding flowers will be delivered on time, welcome and greet all the guests very cordially. You should check and ensure if the guests are being served with food and refreshments in a proper manner.

Be the secondary hostess of the reception, introduce the guests to each other. Try to help them by acknowledging them the arrangements of the venue, show them the way to go to bar etc.

You should hit dance floor whenever the music starts. Accompany the groomsmen by dancing with them at the formal dancing sequence. You must encourage the guests who are too shy or reluctant to dance or accompany the ones who needs a dance partner on the dance floor.

Help the maid of honor to take some rest and carry the bride's wedding dress train whenever it is necessary.

Accompany the bride to the washroom if she asks for your help.

Help the bride to change and freshen up before the dancing session.

Always be alert about the needs and request of the brides.

Accompany the other bridesmaids while buying gifts for the wedding. It will help you to take decision without nervousness.

Don't show your tiredness to others no matter how much tired you really are. Don't throw tantrum about your bridesmaid outfit no matter how bad it really is. Be graceful and confident about wearing anything you are given.

Give the bride a lot of emotional support through the whole preparation and during the wedding day.

Bridesmaid play a vital role at any kind of wedding, especially in India and more preferably in Kerala Matrimony Christian brides prefer to have their younger sister as their first choice for bridesmaids. There are many sites that help the Bridesmaid with wisdom and tips. In India and especially for Kerala Matrimony login to such sites to get some bridesmaids tips and advice.

So be graceful whatever duties you have to do and be the best bridesmaid ever.

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