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Khimar ( خمار): The khimar is a long, cape-like scarf that's wrapped within the head and hangs to the middle of the back again. This sort of hijab covers the head, neck, and shoulders, but leaves the experience distinct.

Chador ( تشادر): The chador is a lengthy cloak that addresses a lady’s complete physique. Similar to the khimar, the chador wraps across the head, but instead of hanging only to the center of back, the chador drapes to a girl’s toes.

Niqāb ( نقاب): The niqab is a deal with-covering that addresses the mouth and nose, but leaves the eyes crystal clear. It can be worn with an accompanying khimar or other kind of head scarf.

Burqa ( برقع ): The burqa covers the complete experience and overall body, HIJAB leaving a small mesh monitor through which the woman can see as a result of.

Why do women dress in hijab?

Muslim women opt to dress in the hijab or other coverings for various reasons. Some women don the hijab because they think that God has instructed Ladies to use it as a method of fulfilling His commandment for modesty. For these women, sporting hijab is a personal choice that's produced soon after puberty and is intended to replicate just one’s individual devotion to God. In many situations, the sporting of the headscarf is commonly accompanied by the putting on of free-fitting, non-revealing clothing, also called hijab.

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